Our Story


Our Humble Beginnings


Both JoAnn and I are Petaluma locals, We have had interests in gardening projects for many years. We decided to grow lavender as a hobby and now there is so much interest from local people and businesses that the lavender farm has grown to over five thousand plants, with plans for more! The Lavender Bee Farm was established in 2001 on our family farm just on the outskirts of Petaluma (located in the beautiful Sonoma County). JoAnn’s parents, Jim & Evelyn Veronda purchased this farm in 1947. JoAnn’s parents loved the farm and had chickens, cows, sheep and horses. They grew all kinds of vegetables and fruit that they shared with family and friends. JoAnn has lived almost all of her life on the farm. She has been in 4-H and the Petaluma Riding and Driving Club as well as participating in the County Fairs.



Our Growing Method

Our growing method is all natural, no pesticides or fertilizers. The cutting and pruning are performed with hand tools. The soil is sandy loam, the plants have good drainage, watering is a drip system. We have many bee hives here at the farm that collects the sweet lavender nectar. Lavender honey is prized for its color and taste. The honey sells out quickly!


Our Bees

Our bees are raised all naturally in Lanstroft Hives and recently in Topbar hives. We do not feed the bees corn syrup, sugar water or any man-made medicines or mite controls. Our bees are managed naturally and we do not remove more than 40% of honey from the hives at any on time, this way the bees always have plenty of honey to sustain themselves. We are members of the Sonoma County Farm Trails and Sonoma County Beekeepers Association. JoAnn and I have participated in man local activities: Farmers Markets, the Petaluma Art, and Garden Festival and the Healdsburg Lavender Day Festival, as well as operating a store at our farm to sell our lavender, fresh and dried, lavender honey and other farm-produced products.