Burlap Lavender Sachet


Freshen a space the natural way – with a sachet!

Millions of dollars are being spent to convince people that they need to fill their homes with artificial chemicals and fragrances to achieve ‘fresh’ environs. If you’ve decided that commercial fresheners don’t fit the more natural lifestyle you want to lead, consider the safe, time-honored use of herbal sachets.

Size: 6 oz., 4″ x 5″ Bag.

*Shipping rates may vary after the sale depending on quantity



Our lavender sachets are filled with top-quality lavender grown without chemicals or pesticides of any kind. Tuck one in a drawer for sweet-smelling clothes, or hang them in your wardrobe or linen closet to relieve musty odors. Bring a calming scent to any room in your home by piling a few sachets in an appealing bowl, or hide them behind couch cushions for a breath of serene, relaxing scent every time you sit down.

Our natural Burlap Sachet with hemp tie is absolutely down-to-earth and celebrates nature’s capacity for delighting us with fragrances that come from valueable plants – not plastic containers!


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